Why It’s Important To Have Your Business Listed Across the Internet

For online marketing to be effective, you must first build an appealing website that is fast, secure, and search engine optimized. However, that is only the foundation for a successful internet presence. Besides your website, there is a whole network of third-party local listing sites and directories that list information about your business.

Listing management is one of the many aspects of digital marketing that’s often overlooked but can have the most impact on your business’s visibility. Read on to learn why you need accurate online listings for your business.

1. It’s easy to do

Most online directories allow anyone with basic computer skills to list their business. It will take a few minutes to input all the facts, and it will take a couple of days for this information to be visible on search engines.

If you’re not familiar with how to update your information, why not hire Bullseye Digital Marketing to streamline your online listings?

2. It’s more than contact information

Online listings contain more than just your business phone number and address. Now with Google My Business, you can even have your social posts on your listing, your website, and other relevant information about your business that contributes to your SEO strategy.

3. An easy way to implement SEO

In terms of search engine optimization, the more consistent you are with your SEO strategy, the more likely you are to have your business appear in all relevant searches. Since most mobile devices use Google search, it’s important to have your listing on Google’s platforms. When deciding which business should appear on the first page of search results, Google My Business looks at a variety of factors such as:

  • Consistency across all directories — You have to check to make sure your business listings on all sites about your business are correct and up to date.
  • Google reviews — The higher your good reviews, the more search bots will show your business in relevant searches.
  • Business website — Outdated websites are not user-friendly. So make sure you consistently update your website, make sure it’s mobile-friendly, and has content that directly relates to your business.
  • The more sites you’re listed on, the higher your chances — The more trustworthy sources your business is listed on, the more credible Google considers your business, and the higher you rank.


What Can You Do to Ensure Your Listings Are Correct and Consistent?

Having your listing on hundreds of directories can be tedious and time-consuming. When you work with Bullseye Digital Marketing, you can access our Listings Sync Pro software to establish accurate business listings and rank higher in search engine results.

Easily establish accurate business information on Google My Business, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for no additional fee with Listings Sync Pro. You also get access to GMB Insights to help you understand how your business is performing on Google Search and Maps.


Contact Bullseye Digital Marketing today to talk about how your business can benefit from our software.

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