How To Drive Leads For Your Automotive Repair Business

Jan 28, 2021 | Marketing | 0 comments

Due to the recent shift in market trends caused by the pandemic, automotive repair shops are beginning to reassess their marketing efforts to determine the best time and strategy to implement digital ads.


While it is accepted that the current landscape for advertising poses some challenges, there is also room for opportunities businesses can take advantage of!


Automotive repair shops can still achieve great results with digital advertising if they ensure that their strategies and campaigns deliver meaningful and relevant value for their target audience.


Read on to get the answers to your burning questions.


What is the current impact the pandemic has on the automotive repair industry?

With more of us working from home, people have not been commuting as much, resulting in less wear and tear on vehicles. We also need to take into account the limitations of individuals with compromised immune systems, financial instability, and other external factors that limit how many people can enter businesses—causing long wait times. Ultimately, these circumstances have caused a negative effect on demand for car repairs in 2020 and early 2021.

How are automotive repair shops dealing with this situation?

To meet the needs of their clients, businesses both large and small have been diversifying their services to accommodate their clients’ needs. They have been offering consultations, products, and services online, or even options for vehicle pick up and drop off for repairs and maintenance. 


Because the automotive repair target market is now more stationery, fewer are engaging with traditional banners and signs. For your business to stay relevant and on top, switching to digital marketing campaigns is key.

What if my business relies on foot traffic and does not have an online presence?

If you are a business owner or store manager, where is the time to manage your online presence or monitor the success of a marketing campaign? The simple answer—there is none. Outsourcing your digital ads to an agency makes the process of getting your business online quick and painless, so you can reach your target market where they are spending their time online. Many companies outsource their digital marketing campaigns to an external entity or utilize their marketing knowledge to get the results that drive conversions, saving their businesses time and money while they can focus on what’s most important—running their business.


Where should an automotive repair shop focus its digital ads campaign right now?

Focus your campaign where your potential customers are looking most: social media. People are spending more time online than ever before, so capture their interest with campaigns that drive awareness and engagement on the platforms they are using. Right now, people are engaging more but converting less, a term coined as a “browsing audience.” Ensure that your messaging accounts for this.

It does not seem like it is the best time to push products and services, how can a business in the auto industry adjust its campaign message?

Campaigns should focus less on selling, and more on educating customers while organically demonstrating what sets you apart from the rest. Showcase content that is meaningful, educational, and connects your services with making their lives better while keeping their families safe. Build trust and position yourself as their local expert, so when things return to normal, your audience will have you top of mind.

Current Advertising Success


We spoke with one of our clients, Mike, Owner and operator of Canadian Tire, to see how utilizing Facebook advertising has made a difference to their repair business. They have indicated that they have seen the following changes since becoming a client of Bullseye Digital Marketing:


  • Navigating the process of lead generation has become much easier
  • Responding to customer reviews from Google and Facebook have become more efficient through the use of the Bullseye Business Platform
  • Close monitoring of campaign metrics on the business’s behalf, and weekly reports to help adjust their approach
  • Seen meaningful increases in website traffic, and labor sales
  • Over 900 organic engagements over the course of 5 months using low-risk strategies
  • 25x return on investment
  • Insight on new ways to engage with clients

How Bullseye Digital Marketing Can Help

At Bullseye Digital Marketing, we have a team of experts that can create, monitor, and optimize campaigns to best fit your unique industry needs. If you would like to learn more about our services, and how we can help drive conversions for your automotive repair business, contact us to kickstart your growth!

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